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Craftsman spirit + continuous innovation for achieving Product quality - Interview with Shaanxi China Aero-industry gas spring general manager Zhang Xiaodong

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China's aviation industry in Shaanxi, with such a company  -by by through after 15 years of development, it from a small manufacturing enterprise to develop into a research and innovation as the first driving force, with a number of patents of high-tech innovative enterprise. It produces and researches in a number of products, of which 95% of the products are used in the aviation field, for the five major OEMs to provide supporting production. It is Shaanxi China Aero-industry Gas Spring Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Shaanxi Gas Spring"), a representative of the aviation sector of private enterprises.

In 2015, Shaanxi gas spring responses to the national "area along the way" "going out" strategy call, and actively explore overseas markets. At the end of 2015 year , the products are exported to more than 20 overseas countries, foreign trade exports to a new high. In June 2015, the company participated in the 51st Paris International Aerospace Exhibition held in Paris, France, became the first exhibition in Shaanxi private enterprises exhibitors, also marks the company to enter the international market to achieve a new milestone. In the exhibition, the company exhibited products is goteen  a high degree of concern. In the future, companies such as Dassault Sands, Russian helicopters, Korean Air, Turkish Airlines and Indian Airways conducted a positive negotiation on the follow-up technology and product supply, laying a solid foundation for deep cooperation.

In 2016, Shaanxi Gas Spring ushered in a comprehensive transformation and upgrading to the industrialization of 4.0, with the completion of the new plant, Airworthiness certification department and the provincial R & D center have been established, the technical team once again expanded. In addition to the two academicians, mechanical vibration field leader Weng Bangchun, the company's R & D and manufacturing capabilities also onto a new level. In addition, to seize the country to develop general aviation opportunities, the company vigorously expand the relevant market, has received Beijing, Dalian, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Yinchuan, Shenyang, Shanghai and other related general aircraft companies, such as Jiucheng general aircraft design and manufacturing (Dalian ) Co., Ltd. JC-100, Zhengzhou Xiaoying Aviation Co., Ltd. Mooney aircraft, Liaoning General Aviation Research Institute Thunderbird aircraft and other related landing gear, aircraft doors, aircraft locks, braces, shock absorbers, accumulators , Gas spring and other items of the order.

At the same time, Shaanxi Gas Spring continues to adhere to the "going out" strategy, during past the year participated in a number of international exhibitions, and achieved excellent results. For example, to participate in this year in Paris held by the French general aviation show and made a large number of orders. In July this year, the British Farnborough Air and Space Exhibition, the company sent by 11 people composed of experts and technical team, with the latest research and development of products (such as general aircraft landing gear, UAV with shock absorbers, , Aircraft doors and cabin locks, accumulator , mechnical strut , etc.), showing the company's new look and breakthrough in the field of general aviation manufacturing, and with the British helicopter-related companies on the cooperation in-depth communication. Recently, the reporter came to Shaanxi Gas Spring  is located in Xi'an High-tech Zone's office, general manager Zhang Xiaodong conducted an exclusive interview.

"China Aviation News": Fanborough International Aviation and Aerospace Exhibition this year, what times did Shaanxi Gas Spring participate in the air show? What products did the company bring? What is the harvest?

Zhang Xiaodong: This is the first time I have participated in the China Aviation Gas Spring as exhibitors for the first time to participate in the Farnborough Airshow. However, this is actually our team came to London for the second time to participate in the Farnborough Air Show, because the last session of the 2014 Fort Falls Air Show we are as a professional audience throughout the visit. This time, we brought the company's own products and included gas spring series, air lock series, general aircraft landing gear, the engine with the shock absorber, as well as accumulators and a series of products, good response at the show , Harvest a lot of orders.

"China Aviation News": As far as I know, this session of the Farnborough Air Show has 30 Chinese enterprises exhibitors, is the largest in the calendar year. But compared to nearly 1,600 exhibitors in the proportion of the total number of enterprises is still very low, and you as a private entrepreneur why spend money to participate in the exhibition?

Zhang Xiaodong: I would like to answer this question from two aspects. First of all, Shaanxi Zhongqi gas spring products in many years ago has begun to export to countries around the world, but the export products have been relatively low-end category. I have always wanted to be able to export higher-end products with higher value-added products to developed countries. In 2013, the state put forward the "one way all the way" strategy, where we are in Xi'an is "area" that "Silk Road Economic Zone" historical birthplace. I think this is a very good opportunity to respond to the call of the country to Shaanxi gas spring would be out of the country, boarded the world stage. Therefore, in early 2014, the company set up a representative office in Paris, France to expand international business, and actively participate in internationally renowned professional exhibition. At present, the company exhibitors as exhibitors are generally: 2014, Hamburg, Germany International Maritime Exhibition and the Italian Air Show; 2015, Paris, France International Aerospace Exhibition; 2016, the French Paris Air Show and Farnborough Air Show.

Second, in recent years, "Made in China" has become a very hot vocabulary. From 2001 to the present, we have experienced 15 years of wind and rain, has been "Made in China" a member, just witnessed the "Made in China" from weak to strong process. Today, "Made in China" is no longer synonymous with cheap low quality, our products have reached or even beyond the quality of foreign similar products. So I think the time to push the company's products to the world is already ripe. And in the previous exhibition to participate in the international exhibition of the order also confirms this idea.

"China Aviation News": As you have just said, "Made in China" is becoming more and more strong, getting better and better. But China's manufacturing industry is still a lot of urgent needs to upgrade, and now the country is also strongly support the transformation and upgrading of manufacturing, I would like to ask you as a member of the aviation industry is how to deal with transformation and upgrading? In ensuring and upgrading the quality of products is how to do it?

Zhang Xiaodong: In my opinion, in fact, the upgrading of the manufacturing industry has never stopped. In my personal experience, in the early days of the enterprise, the whole company in addition to me, there are only two employees, the venue is leased to a waste plant, production equipment, only two second-hand lathe. Now, Shaanxi Zhongqi gas spring production workshop has been replaced with the latest and highest standards of modern steel plant, production equipment is all the most advanced CNC machining center, and by the Chinese Academy of Sciences led the R & D center, the number of patent applications per year Ten items. Manufacturing technology upgrade is a cumulative, water droplets to wear the process, want to produce high-quality products must be a step by step to strictly control the production of every link. Of course, want to achieve leapfrog development is also possible, the method is to acquire foreign advanced technology companies, this has been mature access to advanced production technology and production experience. This is also a way we are now actively seeking, and now also in Europe to find suitable for the acquisition of the enterprise.

The quality of the product is very important for the gas in China. The quality of our products is from design to manufacturing to assembly. The whole process of sale requires all departments to have the spirit of "artisan spirit" and make every product as a handicraft The Therefore, our products in the international market, but also no less inferior to Europe and the United States products, and even some higher than Europe and the United States products.

"China Aviation News": from last year to this year, the State Council for the navigation industry have strong support. As far as I know, Shaanxi China Aviation Gas Spring also introduced a corresponding application for navigation products, please tell us about it.

Zhang Xiaodong: General Aviation in the State Department under the strong support of the country has also been rapid development. As far as we know, there are dozens of general aviation machine production, the current real plane is not a lot, which requires a process. Now are still research and development, forensics, construction plant, investment equipment stage, I expected in two to three years will continue to enter the small batch production. Our company also developed and developed a number of suitable for navigation products: shock absorbers, accumulators and landing gear, now has two or three general aircraft manufacturers to find us. We are also ready to put a rocking test stand, to produce landing gear must have a shock test bench, the need to detect parameters and performance. Therefore, the general aircraft as one of our economic growth point, is expected in 3 to 5 years will have a certain amount of orders.

"China Aviation News": Finally, please talk to us about Shaanxi Airlines Air Spring Company's development strategy.

Zhang Xiaodong: At present, our main product series is to do a variety of parts of the aircraft, gas spring pole series, air lock series, as well as landing gear shock absorber and accumulator series, this series is currently doing better in the country. We have to strive for foreign advanced technology to apply to our domestic aviation industry. This year, our sales are expected to be more than 7,000 yuan, plans to reach 100 million yuan in two or three years. Now, we have been with the aircraft industry-related departments and the Bank of China to negotiate, hoping to seek better opportunities for cooperation. Our company has 34 professional R & D personnel, including one academician. At present, we are reporting provincial technology R & D center, the next step will apply for national technology research and development center. When our R & D level is raised to a level, sales have reached 100 million yuan output value, we will go to the capital market for our country's aviation industry to make greater contributions.

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