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Which aspects is gas spring used in the industry ?

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                       Which aspects is gas spring used in the industry ?

we have to introduce it in detail today  , so that readers have a better understanding of gas springs.

In order to carry out controlled lifting operations on covers, hoods and valves, the use of industrial gas springs is a good choice. Stainless steel gas springs are mainly suitable for the special requirements of the food industry, medical technology, shipbuilding or environmental technology.

Stainless steel gas spring is made of alloy materials such as V2A or V4A are not only approved for use in the food industry, but also to meet hygienic requirements. This stainless steel gas spring is suitable for special industries such as the food industry, medical technology, shipbuilding or environmental technology.

The housing of this damping element for stainless steel is 15-40 mm in diameter and can have different stroke lengths and different ejection forces. In order to obtain the application of the food industry and environmental technology industry, the stainless steel gas spring is filled with a special oil for gentle terminal position damping.

All models of the role of the gas spring is the same, that is, without maintenance, self-enclosed system, filled with pressure of nitrogen, nitrogen in the lid closed through the piston on the orifice outflow. This provides a definite piston entry speed and ensures braking.

When the piston is removed, the oil filling at the end position may cause a soft landing. For this reason, the terminal damping is only effective when the piston rod is mounted with a gas spring. Nitrogen is returned during system start-up and supports manual operation. Compared with other vibration reduction methods, this kind of vibration reduction program is particularly good in the regulation of the gas spring, respectively, the possibility of filling nitrogen.

For the manufacture of gas springs for the rise or release of lifeboats in the shipbuilding industry, unlike the V2A alloys, V4A, which has a higher molybdenum content, is a corrosion resistant and sea water resistant stainless steel. Users use the appropriate accessories, you can install their own machines and devices in the gas spring.

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