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how to decide the number of the gas spring ?

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First decide the pressure demand

In the conversion process, the first step is to know the pressure requirements of the existing mold, if you know the pressure required to complete the operation, you can directly use the corresponding tonnage of the gas spring.

If you do not know the total pressure you need, you can calculate the total pressure provided by the original linear spring in the mold. At the same time, you must be aware that the required pressure is the initial pressure (preload) or the final pressure (full stroke), once you know these, you can get the total pressure you need. The most common way to find the pressure of a linear spring is to look at the manufacturer's product pressure chart. You can know the specifications, colors, preload and stroke of the coil spring in the mold. You can also use a pressure gauge to derive the spring pressure The

When you get the pressure of a linear spring in the mold, multiply the number of springs, you can also get the total pressure.

2. Calculate the number of nitrogen springs

First, the diameter of the nitrogen spring is in accordance with the diameter of the linear spring, and the nitrogen spring provides all the diameters that match the commonly used linear springs: from .75 "(19 mm) to 2" (51 mm) Of the amount of nitrogen gas, the pressure of the nitrogen spring with the same diameter can be divided by the total required pressure. Often, it is seldom required that the spring provide the same pressure as the required pressure. However, keep in mind that the pressure provided is evenly distributed on the backing plate, and you can use this spring with a lower pressure to achieve this in the mold.

3, select the gas spring stroke length

In the final consideration, the choice of gas spring is the stroke length. Select the correct length of the gas spring stroke, first determine the distance from the spring travel in the mold. Add a minimum of 10% to the spring travel and choose the gas spring, the stroke length is equal to or greater than this number.

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