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51 session of the Paris Air Show: Shaanxi China Aero-industry Gas Spring Co., Ltd demonstrated strength

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51 session of the Paris Air Show: Shaanxi China Aero-industry Gas Spring Co., Ltd demonstrated strength

 Paris International Aerospace Exhibition: Chinese elements are on

The 51st Paris International Aerospace Exhibition came to an end on June 25th, with a week-long aerospace event attracting 2260 exhibitors from 47 countries with a total of 120 civil and military aircraft. China and Pakistan jointly developed the "Fierce Dragon" fighter is indeed the focus of view of the exhibition people, but the air show is not only the aircraft show, it is the Chinese aerospace industry and international peer exchange, dialogue, to discuss cooperation opportunities.

 Paris time June 19 to 25, the international aerospace industry are looking to cast in the northeastern suburbs of Paris Bourges. The biennial Paris International Aerospace Show is held this year, with more than 40 aircraft flying in the bourgeois deafness every day, showing a wonderful performance, including vertical climbing. But the wonderful is not limited to the air, because in the exhibition hall and conference room, the major airlines are in accordance with the tight schedule of industry exchanges, as well as the negotiations of the negotiations, many of them Chinese companies figure. In the exhibition hall, the bustling view of the crowd, from time to time in China face passing. Chinese elements, become an important part of the Paris aerospace exhibition.

In the third row of booths on the 6th exhibition hall, the reporter saw Mr. Zhang Xiaodong, General Manager and Investor of Shaanxi China Aero-industry Gas Spring Co., Ltd., and Ms. Zhang Wen, General Manager of the Company's representative office in France. The company's logo is a manuscript composed of a number of concise lines, like man with a leg swing arm to run forward. Asked, only to understand that these lines is the company's products: gas spring. According to Zhang Xiaodong introduction, the concept of gas spring is more abstract

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