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Letter of thanks

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                                            Letter of thanks 

Hafei industry on the successful completion of the "1509 anti-fascist victory 70 anniversary" parade security task  

Shaanxi Chnia Aero-industry  Gas Spring Co., ltd

On september 3, 2015, my company participated in the "1509 anti-fascist victory 70 anniversary" parade security mission. The task with high specifications, strong political, large-scale organization, participating staff, equipment and support the task of heavy. Your company actively cooperates with my company's worker, timely and thoughtful to provide a guarantee of spare parts. And from the leadership to the staff from a high degree of attention to the ideological attitude into the equipment security tasks, rapid response, rapid response, and quickly solve the problem. For our high standards and high quality to complete this task to provide a strong support, in this particular to your company on the protection of the strong support and cooperation to express my heartfelt thanks. At the same time, look forward to working with your company in the follow-up work

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