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Shaanxi China Aero-industry Gas Spring Co.,ltd gets perfect achievement by negotiation and cooperation With Europe business enterprise

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 Shaanxi China Aero-industry  Gas Spring Co.,ltd  gets  perfect achievement by negotiation and  cooperation With Europe business enterprise

Europe and China Interview: General Manager of Shaanxi China Aero-industry Gas Spring Co., Ltd. Zhang Xiaodong Talk about SME Investment and Trade Fair

In  Paris, on July 1, 2015, France-China SME Investment and Trade Cooperation Fair held in Paris 12 District of the French Ministry of Finance. The seminar was jointly organized by the French Investment Promotion Agency, the French Future Alliance and the Bank of China. The aim was to create one-to -one talks for more than 100 Chinese companies and more than 200 French companies. The During the seminar of  investment and trade cooperation between the two countries, more than 300 representatives of Chinese and French enterprises exchanged views in their fields, and exchanged information about high-tech, machinery, environmental protection, agricultural products and biotechnology. Investment and trade cooperation to further deepen a positive start.

1, contact six legal enterprises, two key follow-up

After the meeting, the reporter interviewed to Manager Zhang Xiaodong,and vice General Manager ZhangWen  participate in the Fair of China's high-tech innovative private enterprises on behalf of Shaanxi China  Aero-industry  Gas Spring Spring Co., Ltd. As a high-level private enterprise in the field of Chinese aerospace, Shaanxi China Aero-industry Gas Spring Co., Ltd. is the only private enterprise in Shaanxi Province.


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